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I currently have another, somewhat neglected, blog hosted by blogspot, but I’m tired of it. I don’t really like the appearance of blogspot (too long and skinny), so thought I would give wordpress a try and see if I actually keep it up. I thought I’d start off with the Facebook trend “25 Things.” As kinda a random introduction to me. Here goes.

1. It’s not unusual for me to drink upwards of 7 cups of a tea a day.
2. I hate coffee. I have had it twice. Once following the only true all nighter I ever pulled in my undergrad, and once when I started working in a coffee shop and was too nervous to admit I hated coffee. Both times I dumped out most of it.
3. I have an unnatural fear of asteroids, and blame this on my brother, who used to terrify me with his tales of impending doom when I was about 4.
4. I grew up in Newfoundland, and have since lived in Ottawa, Thunder Bay, and Wawa. I used to think I’d end up on the west coast, but this no longer seems to be the case. And that’s just fine.
5. I’m working towards getting in fantastically awesome shape. Fantastically awesome for me anyways.
6. I hate olives.
7. I could pretty much live off muffins, fruit, and tea. Yum.
8. As a kid I alternated between wanting to be a vet, a marine biologist, a zoologist, an astronaut, a wilderness guide, and a smoke jumper, among other things. Now I’m (temporarily) a “Resource and Protected Areas Planner” and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
9. I’ve broken my collarbone 3 times. I don’t recommend it.
10. My favourite sports to do are ski (xcountry and telemark), paddle (kayak and canoe), run, and bike (mountain and road).
11. Sometimes fear of failure stops me from trying things.
12. My two main passions are the outdoors/the environment and health/fitness.
13. I speak English and French, and have taken classes in Spanish and Russian.
14. I’m happiest in the backcountry, and unhappiest writing my thesis.
15. My favourite colours are blue, orange, and brown.
16. I have kayaked in Newfoundland, Ontario, British Columbia, and Alaska. The biggest waves I’ve ever experienced were on Lake Superior, Ontario.
17. I love to read, everything from Chick Lit to non-fiction enviro books. I also spend way too much money on magazines.
18. I have a great relationship with my parents, and I’m happy about that.
19. I’d like to run a half-marathon, but I’m not sure about ever running a full marathon…seems that the training required for that would take too much time away from other fun stuff.
20. I think “green energy” is given too much credit, and not looked at critically nearly enough.
21. I like to race, be it skiing, running, or anything else.
22. I really want a dog.
23. I don’t have a TV, but when I have access the shows I watch include Cribs, Survivorman, the Amazing Race, and So You Think You Can Dance. And the Olympics, of course!
24. One day I would like to be able to do a cartwheel, and a handstand. I never really progressed beyond a somersault.
25. I used to play trumpet and piano, and one day I would like to take piano lessons again, or at least have one to mess around on.


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