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2009 Sibley Loppet = Awesome!

Last weekend Conor and I drove to Thunder Bay, where we met my parents for a weekend of skiing. Specifically, we were skiing the 2009 Sibley Loppet. Conor and I both skied the 50k skate, my Dad skied the 50k classic, and my Mom skied the 20k classic. With a 10k, 20k, 35k, 50k classic, and 50k skate race this event really had something for everyone.

Conor and I got lucky because the conditions were fantastic and fast for skate skiing. The races started in waves. I had planned to start in the second wave, but ended up in the first wave, which was intended for skiers who anticipated finishing in 3h15min or less. I was expecting about 3h55min. Oops. I really my mistake before the start gun went off, but it was too late to back out. Besides, looking around me I was pretty sure that I was not the only one who technically shouldn’t be there. Turns out I was right, and I was actually faster than quite a few people in that wave. Note to race announcers – make sure people can hear you clearly next time!

BUT, as it turned out, I had an amazing race, skied way faster than expected, and finished in 3:10.17! So I was in the right wave after all!!! I won’t bore you with details of the entire race, but basically my plan was to start fast and hopefully not crash and burn mid-way, because the last thing I wanted was to finish with too much gas left in the tank, knowing I could have gone faster. I also had some fun tracking and blasting by a few folks in spandex suits. I drank water or gatorade at about 4 of the aid stations, and munched some chocolate at 2 of them. I didn’t touch the power gels I had brought. I just never felt like taking the time to dig them out of my pocket and eat them. The real pros had the gels stapled to their race numbers or jackets so they could just rip them off and slurp them on the go. Something to experiment with later.

Conor had a great race too, finishing in 2:39.45. My Dad suffered a bit, but that’s what you get for living in Winnipeg and then coming to an area with actual hills for a 50k race! But he pulled through and finished it up. My Mom had an enjoyable 20k ski. Good times all around!


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Why this blog? Some people have blogs dedicated to weight loss. Other people use blogs to track their running, to chat about work, to share their passion for food, even to document hairstyles. Mine will be…not that focused. Rather, it will cover a gamut of topics, depending on what mood I’m in. Nonetheless, you will probably find that many of the posts fit into one of a few general themes.

  • Outdoor adventure: Getting outside and having fun is a huge part of my life. You will probably see a large proportion of writing devoted to skiing, paddling, camping, biking, and running, among other things.
  • Health and Fitness: I’m working hard to get in great shape, which is a combo of physical activity and eating well. So there may be some commentary on physical activity (which will overlap quite a bit with the outdoor adventure theme..) and health topics.
  • School: I’m a grad student. Also working full time. This is a painful part of my life right now, eating up time and energy I would much rather be dedicating to other things. So posts relating to this area may contain a higher than usual volume of whining. Consider yourself warned.
  • Random: Who knows? Could be anything.

Well, let’s see what path this takes!

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