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Why this blog? Some people have blogs dedicated to weight loss. Other people use blogs to track their running, to chat about work, to share their passion for food, even to document hairstyles. Mine will be…not that focused. Rather, it will cover a gamut of topics, depending on what mood I’m in. Nonetheless, you will probably find that many of the posts fit into one of a few general themes.

  • Outdoor adventure: Getting outside and having fun is a huge part of my life. You will probably see a large proportion of writing devoted to skiing, paddling, camping, biking, and running, among other things.
  • Health and Fitness: I’m working hard to get in great shape, which is a combo of physical activity and eating well. So there may be some commentary on physical activity (which will overlap quite a bit with the outdoor adventure theme..) and health topics.
  • School: I’m a grad student. Also working full time. This is a painful part of my life right now, eating up time and energy I would much rather be dedicating to other things. So posts relating to this area may contain a higher than usual volume of whining. Consider yourself warned.
  • Random: Who knows? Could be anything.

Well, let’s see what path this takes!


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