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Turning the Corner

Now that the Sibley Ski Race is over and Spring is (hopefully) around the corner, my focus is shifting from skiing and winter to running, biking, and paddling. Late Winter/early Spring is always a bit of a challenge fitness-wise. After skiing like a demon all winter, it’s time to turn to other activities. However, while I can easily xcountry ski 5-7 days a week, this is not the case with running. Over the past few months I’ve been doing some short runs, usually totaling 13-19km a week. Increasing this mileage too quickly would definitely lead to injury, and ultimately no running at all. Which would be bad.

So I feel a little stuck because it will be hard to keep getting as much endurance cardio exercise in now that skiing is ending, running is starting, but biking won’t begin for a few weeks. However, paddling is also starting, and rather than mope around I’ve come up with a plan for the next little while, focusing on increasing running mileage and increasing core and upper body strength for paddling. It’s not a super rigid plan, but the essence of it is as follows:

1. Gradually increase running mileage. There are various general rules for increasing mileage. Some say no more than 10% a week, others say you can increase each individual run by 1km. I’ll play around a bit, and see what I can do. This week will be 3 runs, totalling 22-23km. Next week hoping to hit 25km, and will probably split it into 4 shorter runs. And so on and so forth. Eventually I would like to hit 40-50km per week. At which point I will start adding in some speed type workouts, but no need to start planning those yet 🙂

2. Paddle a couple of times a week, as possible. Right now there is still ice on Lake Superior, so all our paddling is on the river (flat water, not whitewater though). It would be nice to get out 2-4x per week, but at this time of year it’s very weather dependent.

3. Work on core and upper body strength 3-4x per week. I have some hand weights, a yoga mat, and an exercise ball, and have put together a little at-home routine that takes about 40min. I’ll probably add a few more exercises so it lasts more like an hour. If I can’t overdose on endurance sports, I may as well use the time to get stronger!

4. Continue xcountry skiing once in awhile, as long as the snow is decent. I’m turning my focus to running and other summer sports now, but this will still be a nice complement here and there.

I’ve also been looking at races and events, and am tentatively coming up with some racing plans for the Spring, Summer, and Fall. However, these plans are somewhat dependent on where I end up working, where we’re living, etc. Soooo things are a little too uncertain right now to commit to anything. Hopefully this will not be the case for long!


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