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I got the job!!!

So, that uncertainty I mentioned in the last post?


My last contract ended on March 20, I  had another interview last Thursday, and this morning I got the call that I got the job! It’s another contract, but this time it’s for 2 years. Well, one 40 week term plus another 40 week term, assuming I don’t screw up terribly. Which I don’t really plan on doing. So I am basically set for two years. After which I will have accumulated a solid 3 years of work experience, and hopefully the economy will be rockin’ and rollin’ again by then.

And, best of all, this new position is in Sault Ste Marie, so we get to move there! I’m uber excited to be moving to a larger centre, with more people to hang out with, and lots of opportunities for mountain biking and paddling and skiing. My job starts on April 14, and I’m going to visit my parents on Easter weekend, so there is a lot of packing and sorting to do over the next week and a half.

Which is just fine by me!

And now I can really start to plan my summer! Woohoo!



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